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ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter

Model :
ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter


The SLPS2130 ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter was designed to convert a standard PCIe bus / USB2.0 into a ExpressCard 54mm slot. It allows you to connect an 34/54mm ExpressCard to a motherboard that has a standard PCIe connector.

Specification & Feature
  • One an ExpressCard socket support to both an ExpressCard 34 and an ExpressCard / 54 CARDS.
  • Express card push - push function
  • Supports both PCIe -based an ExpressCard and USB 2.0 -based an ExpressCard
  • Easy Installation, the plug-in and Play, the Enable hot plug-in and hot - swap for USB 2.0 -based an ExpressCard
  • Supports USB 2.0 480 Mb/s data rate
  • USB port power supply while using Mini PCIe to ExpressCard adapter
Note: USB 2.0 to ExpressCard 34 adapter read USB-based ExpressCard adapter only, while your ExpressCard adapter can't be read,please use PCIe to ExpressCard adapter.

ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter

ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter

ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter

ExpressCard to PCIe Adapter

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