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LCD Power Supply Tester

Model :
LCD Power Supply Tester

The SLPT200 LCD Power Supply Tester can quickly and easily diagnose the voltage of ATX, ITX, and other computer case's power. With a LCD display, this tester can verify that every part of your power supply is fully operational. To use, simply plug the tester into your power supply's 24 pin molex connector and it will give a full diagnostic read out of your power supply voltage. it can test 20-Pin or 24-Pin ATX connector, 4-Pin or 8-Pin CPU power connector, floppy power connector, IDE power connector and SATA power connector. if your power supply is powered up, a green LED lights up for each live rail of the power supply.

Specification & Feature
  • Test the power supply and avoid damage to computer equipments
  • Compatible with ATX, BTX, ITX
  • Easy-to-read, LCD display
  • Interface Type: Floppy, IDE HDD, IDE CDROM, SATA, 4pin (P4), 8pin (Dual-CPU), 6pin (PCI-Express)
  • Voltage Source: 20/24pin (ATX-connector)
  • Voltage Test: +3.3V, +5V, +VSB, -5V, -12V and +12V
  • Dimensions: 122mm x 62mm x 20mm
  • Net Weight: 83g
  • Package: Anti Static Bag or BLISTER optional

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