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M.2 to MacBook 12+16 Pin Adapter

Model :
M.2 to MacBook 12+16 Pin Adapter

The SLNX2013B is a M.2 SSD to MacBook 12+16 Pin Adapter. this adapter is transparent to the operating system and does not require any drivers. With this adapter, the computer will identify the M.2 Key-M SSD as a MacBook 12+16 Pin SSD. As such, you can install any operating systems and the M.2 SSD will be bootable in laptop.

Specification & Feature
  • Supports 2280 (W 22mm x L 80mm) size Only.
  • No need extra power adapter and any drivers.
  • Supports AHCI protocol Only.
  • SATA M.2 NGFF SSD or PCIE X4 NVMe is NOT supported.
  • Supported MacBook Models:
    • 2013 MacBook Pro Retina A1398 A1502 (ME864 ME865 ME866 ME293 ME294)
    • 2014 MacBook Pro Retina A1502 A1398 (MGX72 MGX82 MGX92 MGXA2 MGXC2)
    • 2015 MacBook Pro Retina A1502 A1398(MF839 MF840 MF841 MJLQ2 MJLT2)
    • 2013-2014 MacBook Air A1465 A1466(MD711 MD712 MD760 MD761)
    • 2015 MacBook Air A1465 A1466(MJVM2 MJVP2 MJVE2 MJVG2), MacBook Pro ME253 MD878, iMAC A1419(Late 2013 and newer)
    • 2016, 2017, 2018 12+16 pin connector.

M.2 SSD to Macbook 12+16 Pin Adapter

M.2 SSD to Macbook 12+16 Pin Adapter

M.2 SSD to Macbook 12+16 Pin Adapter

M.2 SSD to Macbook 12+16 Pin Adapter

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