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NGFF M.2 / mSATA to SATA Adapter

Model :
NGFF M.2 / mSATA to SATA Adapter

Specification & Feature
  • 2.5" SATA SSD Form Factor: 98 x 65.5mm
  • M.2 (NGFF) & mSATA to SATA III Module
  • Build in Mini PCI-e 52pin Female connector
  • Build in M.2 (NGFF) B key Female connector
  • Green LED indicates power status
  • Red LED indicates active status
  • Insert both M.2 & mSATA SSD on SLNX1100, M.2 SSD is the first priority. mSATA won't work.
  • Support SATA Reversion 3.2
  • PCI Express M.2 Spec. Revision 0.7, Version 1.0
  • PCI Express Mini Card Electromechanical Spec. 1.2
  • PWM synchronous buck converter Power IC
  • 3A maximum output current
  • Short circuit protection
  • In-rush current suppression
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • ESD HBM (Human Body Mode)/2KV

ngff M.2, msta to sata

ngff M.2, msta to sata

ngff M.2, msta to sata

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