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PCI to 3-Port SATA 1-Port IDE Card

Model :
PCI to 3-Port SATA 1-Port IDE Card
Specification & Features:
Chipset: VIA VT6421A.
Interface: 3 x Serial ATA ports (2 internal, 1 external) & 1x IDE port.
Supports Serial ATA data transfer rates up to 1.5Gbps
Features independent 256-byte FIFOs per channel for host reads and writes
Supports Ultra DMA Mode Transfers up to Mode 6 Timing (133 Mbytes/sec).
Supports 48-bit LBA (Large Disk), hard drives larger than 137GB.
Supports PIO Modes up to Mode 4 Timings, and Multiword DMA Mode 0,1,2 with Independent Timing of up to 2 drives.
Supports 32-bit wide PCI bus at 66MHz
Supports RAID Level 0, RAID Level 1 and JBOD
Supports MS Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/NT 4.0/XP 64-bit/Vista

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