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PCIe to PCI Card

Model :
PCIe to PCI Card
Description :
The Bracket PCI To PCI-E 1x Riser Card Extender utilizes a PLX Technology PEX 8111 or PEX 8112 PCI to PCI Express bridge chip. It will accept standard or low profile PCI cards. As a generic PCI to PCI Express adapter it should work well with most PCI cards.
This adapter allows you to use your existing PCI cards in the PCI Express slot of your mother board. It can accept one of the half height cards designed for 2U server chassis environments, such as a Firewire or Lan card. The 32bit 33MHz adapter’s 4 pin connector is connected directly to the power supply of your PC. The heat generated by the card is very low. The adapter has a bracket with a large gap to allow you to plug things into the card.  
Specification & Features:
Easy Plug and Play Installation
PCI 32 bit 33Mhz Bus one slot
Connects to a standard 5 volt power supply connector
Easily fits into standard PC cases
PCI Express 1 Lane Port (1 virtual channel), 2.5Gbps per direction
Supports PCI 32 bit 33MHz bus one slot
PCI-Express Specification Version 1.0 Compliant
PCI Specification Version 2.3 Compliant
Combination low profile PCI 32 bit host card.
Dimension: 125mm x 47mm.(bracket 120mm) .
Net Weight: 48g .

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